About IABA Asia Pacific

IABA Asia-Pacific emerges from the central disciplinary association for auto/biography scholars—The International Auto/Biography Association (IABA). IABA was founded in 1999 as a multidisciplinary network that aims to deepen the cross-cultural understanding of self, identity and experience, and to carry on global dialogues about life writing.

The ground-breaking, interdisciplinary scholarship of IABA has inspired a dynamic band of international scholars and two biennial, regional conferences to support and extend the reach of the associationIABA Europe and IABA Americas.

Like these branches, IABA Asia-Pacific aims to foster new region-specific conversations about life writing and to encourage regional participation in the global IABA conference. Our goal is to develop scholarly networks between life writing scholars and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region that support the circulation and publication of high-quality life writing theory, practice, and pedagogy.

We want to emphasise that IABA Asia-Pacific is very much a work in progress. Our vision is to engage as many scholars and creative practitioners as we can from the region, and to create supportive networks around shared interests, methods, and problems.

If you would like to talk more about IABA Asia Pacific, its mandate, future, and/or events and the conference, please get in touch with me. We believe that broad discussions will assist the development of a vibrant and productive community.

Professor Kate Douglas
Head of the steering committee: IABA Asia Pacific.

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